This Year’s Possum Drop May Feature Possum Roadkill Or Stew

PETA has long had a burr up their bums over the use of a live possum, put in a cage and slowly dropped on New Year’s Eve. Why? They have nothing better to do. This year might be a bit different

(Raleigh N&O) The annual “Possum Drop” celebration in the mountain community of Brasstown will go on this New Year’s Eve, the organizer says – just not with a living opossum.

That leaves open a number of possibilities for the starring role: A stuffed possum. A toy possum. Or something else entirely.

“We may have possum stew or something if we find one dead,” organizer Clay Logan said Monday. “No live possums, let’s put it like that.”

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Logan says using a live opossum as part of the celebration will be put on hold until a lawsuit by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is resolved. The event has drawn national attention because of PETA’s attempts to stop it in recent years. But even before that notoriety, the celebration attracted thousands to the community more than 300 miles from Raleigh in the southwest corner of the state. It is now in its 21st year.

No possum has ever been hurt, and they are treated very well, including being fed, before being released back into the wild. The whole affair is family friendly, even going so far as to ban alcohol at the event. But, as you know, some people have to be perpetually outraged, so no live possum this year.

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