Yet Another Reason to Oppose Lynch Nomination: Sharpton Announces Hunger Strike

The media narrative crafted by liberals that the GOP are obstructionists has been the most skillfully-crafted propaganda since the days of Goebbels. According to a report from the Gateway Pundit, professional crybaby and racial extortionist Al Sharpton is so upset over the GOP not readily caving to liberal demands in the confirmation of radical Loretta Lynch as attorney general, he is calling for a quasi-hunger strike.


Rev. Al Sharpton Holds News Conference At National Action Network's Office

Just when you thought there were enough reasons to oppose the confirmation of Loretta Lynch, Al Sharpton hands us another one on a silver platter.

Al Sharpton declares a hunger strike*.

There are many concrete reasons why conservatives oppose the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as US Attorney General, not the least of which is her close alignment with current AG Eric Holder and her anticipated continuation of his racially tinged, liberal policies and flaunting of US law.

A few examples of the controversies swirling around Lynch:

Illegal Aliens Have a Right to Work in America
Lynch Defends Obama’s Executive Action, NSA Surveillance
Lynch Opposes Death Penalty on Racial Grounds
Lynch: Voter ID Is Racist

In other words, conservatives did not need further incentive to oppose Lynch’s nomination. And yet, Sharpton appears intent on motivating us further, announcing a hunger strike until she is confirmed.

*In true Sharpton form however, this is not a traditional hunger strike, where a group with conviction will refrain from eating for the entire period; they’ll be rotating said non-eating.

During Confirm Lynch Fast effort, participating fasters will refrain from eating for one day at a time until Loretta Lynch is confirmed as Attorney General. Each day, a new group of people will replace the fasters from the day before. NAN members and partners across the country have already pledged their participation.

The truth is that Democrats are causing the delay, but when has Sharpton let the truth get in the way of a good racial hate myth and his attention seeking? My money is on the White House using him to bring protesters and pressure to further their agenda. Sound familiar?

This is what has become of political discourse; this buffoon (and many others like him) are throwing a fit because Republicans dare to raise very-serious concerns about appointing a racist to a position of great power in the federal government.

Our founders would be horrified to learn of the undignified nature of today’s political scene.

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