You Won’t Believe Who Just Called for Trump’s ASSASSINATION

You Won’t Believe Who Just Called for Trump’s ASSASSINATION

A mainstream rapper has released a vulgar record where he clearly calls out for the assassination of Donald Trump…and so far, there has been nothing but ‘crickets’ from the so-called peace loving, no hate is good hate liberals….classic.


The rapper “Rick Ross” calls for the assassination of Donald Trump in a new song entitled “Free Enterprise.”

“Assassinate Trump like I’m [George] Zimmerman, now accept these words as they came from Eminem,” the song goes.

Scroll to the 2:20 mark.
More disturbing, the song features singer John Legend, who had a public dispute with Trump on Twitter in Nov.

“Here we have a mainstream rapper calling for the assassination – the murder – of a leading presidential candidate, but will this be denounced? Will his new record be pulled from store shelves? No, I doubt it,” Social commentator Mark Dice pointed out.

It’s likely “Rick Ross,” who borrowed his stage name from former former cocaine kingpin Rick Ross, will claim his song is protected free speech, but courts in the past have ruled that a “call to violent action” is not protected by the First Amendment.

It will be interesting to see what legal action – if any – results from the song.

Leftists on Twitter also called for Trump to be killed after he called for a ban on Muslim immigrants from war-torn countries until they can be vetted.

Someone kill trump already. This joke lasted long enough.
— piss princess poeリボン (@poeribbon) December 8, 2015

“These comments again highlight the fact that, whatever you think of Trump, the notion that the ‘right-wing’ has a monopoly on unhinged individuals who engage in violent rhetoric is a complete fallacy,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote.

It’s really ironic. Regardless of whether or not Trump’s plan is acceptable… The very people who are calling ISLAM a peaceful religion and to be tolerant of it, turn on him for not thinking like they do and wish death upon him…sound like a familiar practice? In this case, it sounds to me like the ways of ISLAM have infiltrated America so silently…that even Americans don’t see themselves converting.

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