Young Mom Dies From Rare Flesh-Eating Disease After Being ‘Restrained’ During Sex Game [VIDEO]

Young Mom Dies From Rare Flesh-Eating Disease After Being ‘Restrained’ During Sex Game [VIDEO]

A young woman who was engaged to be married is dead of Necrotizing Fasciitis only hours after engaging in sexual activity with her fiancé, with whom she has a young son. Katie Widdowson apparently suffered some kind of minor injury that breached her skin which then became infected with the deadly bacteria. The sexual activity may have been responsible as she had been tied by the wrist at the time, but an inquest found two potential other causes including a scratch from a hedge while playing with her young son, or falling on the stairs leading to her flat and injuring her wrist.

No matter the cause, the result is devastating for a young man and a young boy, and all the loved ones of Katie. And it appears quite likely, according to the inquest, that the hospital and doctors were to blame for missing the dire situation Katie was in when she went to the hospital with terrible pain in her arm and chest. The doctor, recently arrived from India, and only there for four months, diagnosed a sprained wrist and prescribed painkillers and sent her home. Overnight her arm turned raw, black and blistered. An ambulance was called, but she had a heart attack in the ambulance. She was revived once, but had another cardiac event and passed away. Protocol says that her score on the sepsis scale should have meant she stayed at the hospital the first time she went and then had major surgery to amputate the infected arm.

But when the government runs health care, as it does in Britain, errors and poor standards of care abound. And Katie paid the price. To misdiagnose something as horrific as Necrotizing Fasciitis is nothing short of criminal. Katie’s family believes that as well and is considering a plan to take the hospital to court over her death.

Healthy and strong one day, dead the next. That is how this deadly bacteria works. And there is no excuse for a first world doctor to miss it.

Katie’s fiancé Dean said, “I have lost the love of my life, I’ve lost everything. I’ve lost my fiancee, we were due to get married. I’ve lost the best mum my child could ever have.”

See video below.

By Right Wing News’ Sonja Bochow

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