YouTube parents who filmed themselves telling 9-year-old he was going to be adopted lose custody

YouTube parents who filmed themselves telling 9-year-old he was going to be adopted lose custody

EVIL father and stepmom filmed themselves telling their nine-year-old son they were giving him up for adoption as a prank so the video could go viral. They get the shock of their lives as people point out the brutality of these videos…

DaddyoFive is a hugely popular video channel on YouTube showcasing a dad and his wife ‘pranking’ his two young kids which has now resulted in them losing custody of them to their biological mother. This week, Rose Hall, the biological mother of Mike Martin’s two youngest children, Cody, nine, and Emma, 12, fired back on YouTube with a video with her lawyer, Tim Conlon of the Custody Place, saying that she had emergency custody of the kids, who were the main targets of the ‘pranks’ of Mike and his second wife, Heather.

The videos are what highly concern the biological mom. Most videos include Martin convincing Cody he had been adopted out to another family, pushing him and bloodying his nose (Martin claimed the blood was fake), smashing Cody’s X-box with a hammer, accusing Cody of spraying his room with ink (even though they sprayed it with invisible ink as a prank) when he didn’t and yelling and swearing at him. Throughout the videos you see Cody ends up red faced, crying, screaming, or throwing things out of frustration. It is heartbreaking actually watching a young child like Cody threaten to kill himself. ‘I hate my life. Just kill me,’ he cries after his father harangues him.

The biological mom assured viewers that the children now in her custody are doing better and getting back to their ‘playful selves. The lawyer said that the ‘kids are in a deprogramming sort of mode in the moment’. The mom, Rose Hall said, ‘Very heartbreaking and disturbing to see my kids abused.’

As I watched various videos on DaddyoFive it made me terribly sad that these parents had no boundaries in their household just to get lots of hits from their over 700,000 viewers. Other videos show various pranks being played on the youngest kid in the house and many call it months of abuse that only escalated.

Finally, after months of these awful money making videos CPS got involved and took the kids away. And after the fact the two parents made an apology video trying to repent of their past transgressions. Additionally, the videos on their channel except this one are gone.

Apology on video:

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