YouTube Volgger Tosses iPhone 7 Off TALLEST Building In The World! [VIDEO]

YouTube Volgger Tosses iPhone 7 Off TALLEST Building In The World! [VIDEO]

After months of mental constipation brought on by desperate anticipation, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were finally made available for Apple geeks and chumps around the world. They waited for a phone that claims to come full of new and ‘improved’ features, and I’m sure each Apple geek would stab you with a pen if they overheard you bad mouthing the new version iPhone. They love that infernal contraption. But not all users acquired the phone to use in a conventional way, no.


Some people are just entertained with the idea of physics and its relation to the iPhone. Specifically, what happens when you toss it off the highest building in the world!

Another one of those never-ending YouTube vloggers has thrown his $749 iPhone Plus off the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building – in Dubai, while filming its plummet all the way down to the ground. I guess he wanted to see what would happen…well, surprise! It didn’t survive.

Tech Rax, a Ukrainian YouTuber, is a special kind of person that’specializes in smashing technology for your pleasure’, or at least that’s what’s written on his Twitter account.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai which measures a staggering 830 meters tall, was his latest tool of destruction.

TechRax begins his ‘experiment’: ‘I’m going to go the 148th floor and frickin’ drop test the iPhone 7 Plus.
‘Security is 24/7 and I may not find this phone at all.’


After TechRax tosses his phone off the building, he tries to locate it using the phones finding feature…

‘The only thing I can state at this point, is that this thing is fried. It’s completely destroyed. The impact hit it to the point that I can’t track it.’

Many viewers were really irritated with the YouTuber due to his total negligent behavior and lack of concern for any people walking below, claiming that the phone could have easily killed someone if it struck them.

I’m surprised this guy wasn’t arrested for putting lives in danger.

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