Chelsea Manning Whines Over Harvard Rescinding Fellowship, Chilling ‘Marginalized’ Voices

Chelsea Manning Whines Over Harvard Rescinding Fellowship, Chilling ‘Marginalized’ Voices

Recently, Harvard invited Chelsea Manning, emphasis on “man” as any DNA test will show, to speak and to become a Fellow. Which works, because Chelsea Manning just happens to be a fellow by birth. But seriously, they invited Manning (not Womanning…couldn’t resist) to join the University and to accept a fellowship.

This action sparked a negative reaction in many places, including Twitter, and the CIA. Former CIA Director Mike Morell quit his position as a senior fellow at Harvard upon hearing of the invitation. And also the current CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, was scheduled to speak at the university, but in protest, cancelled. Nice to see people with common sense fighting back against the campus crazies.

Manning is a convicted felon. She was convicted of espionage for leaking classified military information. But her tweet is a whiny attempt to blame transphobia. Nope. No one really cares if Manning wants to pretend to be physically someone he isn’t. But they do care that a convicted felon who spied on our country is being offered a prestigious position at Harvard. The appearance is that the university is endorsing the commission of felonies and the betrayal of one’s country. Harvard may not have had a problem with it initially. But influence talks and horse hockey walks. And once the CIA Directors, current and former, got involved, it looks like Harvard reconsidered their bad decision. The responses to Manning’s tweet about it are hilarious. Read on.

Chelsea Manning is an accomplished deceiver. He has deceived himself about his gender, he has deceived the military by spying on them and leaking classified information, he has tried to deceive Twitter users into believing he was disinvited from the Harvard fellowship because he is transgender, he has deceived the American public by trying to normalize spying and the commission of felonies. Manning lies. All the time. So save the crocodile tears Chelsea, America is apparently not buying what you are selling. And now neither is Harvard.

No worries though, even though there’s no fellowship offer on the table any more, Ms. Manning will still be speaking on campus. Here’s betting that there will be no riots or protests of her speech on that Liberal campus. Convicted felons and people who hate this nation are always welcome on America’s campuses. Its edgy and cool, it’s tolerant and diverse, we can “learn something” from a felon. It is actually the top cops and law enforcement community who are not welcome on campus; not to give speeches or to enforce the law.

Liberal institutions of higher, and we use the term loosely, learning, are always eager to promote people who hate America. Harvard rescinded it, but maybe this fellowship offer to Manning was the only way they will ever honor a veteran…a veteran who is a convicted anti-American spy.

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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