HERE Is Where All Of Target’s Lost Customers Are Going – You Might Be Surprised [VIDEO]

HERE Is Where All Of Target’s Lost Customers Are Going – You Might Be Surprised [VIDEO]

Over 1 million people have signed the petition putting Target on notice that they will never shop with them again after they passed a policy to let people go to the restroom that they ‘self identify with’. That means some pervert can say that he feels like a girl and proceed to use that restroom. Women and young girls have already been accosted by depraved men in their restrooms over this and it is bound to get worse. I have never sworn off a store permanently in my life… until now. My family will NEVER shop at Target again. Faith Driven Consumer’s founder Chris Stone had this to say: “There’s a critical business lesson to be learned with Target’s recent decision: When including one group, don’t expressly exclude another,” said Stone. “In its statement explaining why it is allowing men in women’s bathrooms and changing rooms, Target pointed out that inclusivity is at its core, and that everyone deserves to be protected equally. However, hundreds of thousands of consumers around the country are expressing frustration because they specifically feel excluded by Target’s actions and, more importantly, unprotected and unsafe in Target stores.” Target’s decision has resulted in millions swearing off them and their stock price has dipped by 5.8 percent since April 19th. Actions have consequences.


From III Percenter Nation:

Target’s bathroom policy allowing men in women’s restrooms has caused millions across the country to decide to boycott the retail giant. Faith Driven Consumer, representing 41 million Americans that spend $2 trillion annually, has joined the movement.

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They have announced a national “buycott” effort to encourage shoppers to chose Walmart, Academy Sports, Hobby Lobby, and seven other chains as an alternative.

FDC’s founder Chris Stone points out that as Target attempts to appease .03% of the population, they ended up excluding a huge majority.

FDC is recommending 10 alternative stores that score high on Faith Driven Consumer’s Faith Equality Index:

Hobby Lobby: 57/100
Walmart: 51/100
Aldi: 47/100
Academy Sports: 46/100
Cabela’s: 46/100
Toys”R”Us: 45/100
Bed, Bath, & Beyond: 44/100
Dick’s Sporting Goods: 42/100
Publix: 40/100
Trader Joe’s: 40/100

We will personally go to Aldi for most of our needs… but we will also go to Walmart and others on the list as necessary. Target is boycotted in this household and I hope they go out of business over this insanity. They are actually installing urinals in women’s restrooms now. Shares of Target Corporation Common Stock (TGT) have fallen from $84.14 a share on April 19th to $79.27 a share as of Friday evening, 10 days after the transgender policy was enacted. The stock price had fallen by 2.52 percent on Friday alone, as of 4 pm. Ultimately, the drop “would represent a corporate loss of over $2.5 billion,” according to the Family Policy Institute. I would encourage everyone out there to shop elsewhere as your principles and morals dictate.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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