Dan Savage Calls for Advancing Bathroom Bullying by Mailing Urine

Homosexual militant Dan Savage, the antibullying bully who once licked doorknobs at a Gary Bauer campaign office in an attempt to spread disease, has weighed in on North Carolina’s attempt to keep women’s bathrooms private and safe:

The latest salvos in the struggle over whether a law passed during March in North Carolina forces transgender people to use public restrooms that don’t correspond with their “gender identity” came on Monday, when Dan Savage tweeted that those who disagree with House Bill 2 should leave jars filled with their urine at Republican Governor Pat McCrory’s office.

Savage has the liberal media on his side…

The strategy promoted by the gay activist and columnist drew the immediate attention of Noah Michelson, an editorial director on the liberal Huffington Post website, who called Savage’s idea a “brilliantly gross” method of protesting the state’s “Anti-LGBT Law.”

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“If Dan Savage gets his way, Pat McCrory’s office will soon be filled with urine,” Michelson began before noting that people responding to Savage’s idea would leave the bodily waste there “so his staff can oversee its safe disposal.”

…and the federal government too:

According to Michelson’s article, “Savage’s tweet came just hours after” the governor announced that he and the state’s secretary of public safety would sue the U.S. Justice Department over its “radical reinterpretation” of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the department’s order to abandon the state’s law by Monday.

Savage has already employed this tactic in attempts to impose his agenda on South Dakota and Texas. It is characteristic of radical homosexuals in that it is like something Saul Alinsky would have done, except even more disgusting. Deliberately using disgust as a weapon has served LGBT militants well.

So has subverting the federal government:

[Attorney General Loretta Lynch] said that while the department is seeking a court order to block the legislation, the government reserves the option of withholding federal funding from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and UNC.

Yet again we see that every penny of our own money that we receive from the federal government pays for a piece of the freedom we have sold.

Hopefully North Carolina holds the line on behalf of civilization.


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