Left Wing Students to Left Wing Director: “F*CK YOU, B*TCH!”

Left Wing Students to Left Wing Director: “F*CK YOU, B*TCH!”

*** Warning: Strong Language and Vulgar Content

Wow… just wow. I do not buy into this whole transgender, gender fluid gay nonsense, but this is just way out of line. Kimberly Peirce, the director of Boys Don’t Cry, a film that deals with issues of a transgender man, was submitted to exceedingly vulgar language and violent insults at Reed College. You’ll see some of them below and I won’t repeat them. They were trying to shut the woman up… censor her so she couldn’t talk. The stupid part, is she is on their side.

Peirce came to the college to do a Q and A session following the screening of her 1999 film. It is an adaptation of the true story of Brandon Teena. He was born a woman, but decided he was a man. Because of that choice, he was murdered. If the movie does one thing, it does showcase the reality of anti-trans violence out there. The reason the social justice left hates Peirce so much is that although it was groundbreaking in 1999, a woman played the transgender in the film and she was non-trans. Add to this the students being ticked at Peirce making money off of trans-violence and you get why they hate her. I feel that is extremely unfair… she was trying to help the community, but they’ve already tried and convicted her. If they could, they’d execute her too.

Boys Don’t Cry, 1999

Boys Don’t Cry, 1999

From Reason:

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There was a time not so long ago when the people shouting “fuck you bitch” at a gender-fluid gay filmmaker would have been bigoted right-wing conservatives. But because we currently live in the year 2016, the people who heckled Kimberly Peirce—director of Boys Don’t Cry, a groundbreaking film about a transgender man—during her recent appearance at Reed College were far-left students.

The students hurled a litany of insults at Peirce, putting up posters that read “fuck your transphobia” and “you don’t fucking get it” among other things. Worse, when Peirce ascended to her podium, students had placed a sign there. It read “fuck this cis white bitch.” That Peirce is actually gender-fluid is quite beside the point.

The students’ unbelievable rudeness crossed the line into a kind of censorship when Peirce tried to speak: the students simply shouted over her. Eventually they let her talk, but some students continued to yell things like “fuck your respectability politics” and “fuck you scared bitch.”

In 1999, it would have been very difficult to cast a trans person for the film. And at that time they were portrayed as monsters, killers, sociopaths or isolated misfits. Many still see them that way. Peirce was severely misunderstood. Not only that, she has a right to speak and show her film. Just because you don’t like what she is doing, doesn’t take away that right. Leave if you don’t like it. Grow up for heaven’s sake.

Dean of Students Nigel Nicholson penned a strong letter rebuking the students. He was embarrassed and ashamed by their actions and I don’t blame him. Peirce was harassed and threatened. Is this how we resolve disputes now on campus? Evidently so. The irony of this is for a group of students who were ostensibly concerned about hatred directed at trans people, their own language was remarkably hateful. Reason nailed it: “Reed College, by the way charges, $50,000 a year for tuition. The opportunity to scream insults at a queer film director whose perspective is mildly different from today’s leftist students is certainly an expensive privilege.”

Screenshot via Boys Don't Cry

Screenshot via Boys Don’t Cry

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