She-Male Who Killed “Husband” During Botched Castration Arrested for Making Terroristic Threats

She-Male Who Killed “Husband” During Botched Castration Arrested for Making Terroristic Threats

Sometimes I get a vague impression that there is something a little unwholesome about this transsexuality business that the liberal establishment keeps promoting:

A transgender woman [i.e., cross-dressing man] who spent time behind bars for a botched castration that led to the death of [his] sixth husband was arrested this week after [he] allegedly threatened to shoot a Westmoreland County, Pa., judge, according to news reports and police.

Tammy L. Felbaum, 58, of Seward, in southwestern Pennsylvania, entered the Westmoreland County Courthouse on Monday morning, placed [his] purse on the baggage X-ray equipment, then made comments that “[he] had guns and an Uzi and a rocket launcher in [his] purse,” County Park Police Chief Kirk Nolan said Wednesday.

As [he] walked through the scanner, [he] told another officer, “I came here to shoot a judge,” Nolan said.

No one thought his jokes were funny. He has been charged with terroristic threats and disorderly conduct. The world is a safer place with him behind bars.

In February 2001, Felbaum botched a castration on [his] husband, James, at their home in Marion Township, Butler County, about an hour’s drive north of Pittsburgh, the Associated Press reported. Authorities alleged that James Felbaum choked to death on his vomit after he took or was given painkilling drugs following the crude surgery.

James should have switched genders the easy way, by telling people to refer to him with feminine pronouns. The two techniques are equally effective at transforming men into women. Nonetheless, Tammy (born Thomas Wyda) reportedly castrated himself, and says he also castrated his first husband.

Maybe it’s time for the media to stop glamorizing this sickness.

Thomas Wyda as Tammy Felbaum.

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