New Report Reveals That Nearly Half Of ‘Female’ Transgender Inmates Are SEX OFFENDERS

New Report Reveals That Nearly Half Of ‘Female’ Transgender Inmates Are SEX OFFENDERS

This is a staggering report. It turns out the British government allowing inmates to self-identify as the opposite sex will endanger female prisoners. A HUGE number of transgender prisoners are sex offenders… almost half of them. This was disclosed by feminist charity Fair Play who found that “at least 41 per cent” of transgender inmates housed in jails across England and Wales are sex offenders. You know, I didn’t need a report to tell you that would be the case. It just figures.

Think about it… what better way for a deviant to get access to women to abuse than pretend to be one themselves? It’s sick and twisted. But what is even worse is that authorities even allow it. There are 70 transgenders in English and Welsh jails. But officials are refusing to disclose how many are sex offenders officially because they say there is no “business or legal case” for recording the data. Excuse me? And yet you let them loose among women? Fair Play vehemently disagrees and says the information is needed to protect women against men who are allowed to change their sex without even seeing a doctor.

Looking at publicly available inspection reports from 118 jails, Fair Play for Women found there were 113 males who identify as the opposite sex, 46 of whom are housed in eight men’s prisons in England and Wales reserved specifically for sex offenders. 13 of those transgender inmates have officially been transferred to women’s jails. That number includes… wait for it… double rapist Jessica Winfield, who was convicted under the prisoner’s former name, Martin Ponting. Yeah… uh, no. Winfield is in the process of getting a taxpayer funded sex change in jail. He’s also been kept away from the women because he keeps making sexual advances on them.

Dr. Nicola Williams is warning that the government’s embrace of policies demanded by LGBT activists is putting women at serious risk in prison. Williams said, “Trans-identifying males will become eligible for transfer to women’s prisons, representing a serious risk to the safety and privacy and dignity of women in prisons. There is a conflict here between transgender right and the right of other people such as women. What is shocking is that we are rushing into this [self-declaration] without evidence of its impacts.”

This whole screwy thing has professionals worried. Previously unpublicized evidence presented to the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee said some offenders want sex changes in order to “seek better access to females and young children through presenting in an apparently female way.” Told ya so. British Association of Gender Identity Specialists chief James Barrett said that a “highly concerned prison governor” had been given a “plethora of prison intelligence” that one dangerous prisoner had wanted to change sex “to make subsequent sexual offending very much easier.”

Does this surprise anyone? You could see this train wreck coming a mile away. These officials were so busy saying they could do this, they didn’t stop to think if they should do it. These are crafty predators and these idiots are enabling them.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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