Sanity Prevails in Texas

As the tides of lunacy rise, the last place left high and dry might be Texas:

In the tiny North Texas town of Cresson at BBQ on the Brazos — a locally famous restaurant known for its smoked brisket — a simple sign hangs on the women’s restroom door:

“No men allowed in the women’s bathroom please.”

It is not a political response to Obama’s depraved decree that schools must allow boys to use girls’ restrooms and locker room facilities or lose federal money. Cresson had already gotten a glimpse of the society our moonbat rulers would like to impose.

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According to the owner of BBQ on the Brazos, the community of about 1,000 residents a half-hour southwest of downtown Fort Worth has a specific beef with a cross-dressing cowboy who occasionally patronizes the place. The controversy goes back about two-and-a-half years, said John Sanford, who opened the restaurant in 2013.

“Before this gender thing got started, there’s a truck driver who comes in here who occasionally has on jeans and boots or occasionally has on a skirt and 6-inch stilettos,” Sanford said. “He’s a pickup man for rodeos. [Pickup men guide rodeo riders to safety after they’ve been thrown.] The furthest thing from my mind was to see him in hot pants, a blouse and 6-inch heels.”

Something that might be even further from his mind is the thought of little girls being confronted with that sight in the ladies’ room.

The sign was typed up, placed in a laminated cover and taped to the restroom door after several women who work at the restaurant and convenience store expressed concern that the man might use their restroom, he said.

“Everybody got together and said, we can’t have this guy going into the ladies’ restroom,” Sanford said. “I don’t care if he has on a dress or not.”

Good thing BBQ joints don’t get federal funding.

Remember the Alamo.

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