School District Advises Teachers Not to Use Words “Boys” and “Girls”

School District Advises Teachers Not to Use Words “Boys” and “Girls”

According to progressive ideology, any perceive difference between boys and girls is only a social construct, a vestigial remnant of the justly dying world of heteronormative patriarchal oppression. Therefore, words that distinguish them from each other are to be avoided:

Teachers in North Carolina have been warned against gender-specific pronouns when referring to students as it may offend transgender children.

In a 57-page training manual for teachers and classroom assistants, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have urged teachers to take care when addressing their pupils.

Instead of ‘boys and girls’, teachers are asked to refer to the youngsters as ‘students and scholars’.

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The document also includes an amazing array of statistics invented to advance the LGBT agenda. Someone at GLSEN decided that 68.1% of LGBT students have “avoided school functions because they felt unsafe or uncomfortable” and that 56.7% of them did not report being harassed or assaulted “because they doubted that an effective intervention would occur.” For some reason, a less precise number was created for this fictitious factoid: “30–40% of all homeless youth identify as LGBT.”

In concert with the federal initiative, Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s proposed new policy includes letting boys use private facilities such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers that are intended for girls.

The “Supporting Transgender Students” training manual also includes a visual aid.

At least we don’t have to worry about slippery slopes anymore. This isn’t a slope; it’s a cliff — and we have fallen off it.

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