Security Guard Arrested for Escorting Man Out of Women’s Bathroom

The bathroom wars continue to escalate. Sane people are getting arrested for attempting to defend civilized norms:

A female security guard has been arrested and faces being charged with a potential hate crime for removing a biological male from a women’s restroom in the nation’s capital.

The unnamed guard asked the transgender man to leave a women’s bathroom in a Giant store near the intersection of H and Third St. NE in Washington, D.C., around noon on Monday.

When the 32-year-old man, who goes by the name Ebony Belcher, refused to leave, the guard escorted him out of the store.

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Belcher did not go quietly.

The altercation allegedly turned physical, and the two were “getting into it and throwing stuff,” eyewitness Tony Pixley told WJLA-TV. “They went back and forth.”

After being expelled, Belcher contacted a “longtime transgender activist,” according to local NBC-4, a man who identifies as a female and goes by the name Earline Budd. Budd told Belcher to call the police.

The female guard was arrested for allegedly committing assault. The police report lists it as a potential hate crime, and the city’s office of LGBT affairs is watching the case, NBC-4 reports.

The larger controversy is absurd, yet it is a hill worth dying on. Aggressively promoting when not actually imposing degeneracy and perversion is only a means toward an end. When that end has been achieved, American society will implode. Cultural Marxism has never been more obviously corrosive.

Mr. Belcher is likely to go as Michelle Obama this Halloween.

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