Study Confirms Transgender Deviants Are Less Healthy

Study Confirms Transgender Deviants Are Less Healthy

Now for the least surprising news item of the day — people who proclaim themselves to be transgender or “gender nonconforming” are less healthy than normal people, according to a recent study:

The study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, used data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, a health survey administered annually by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). …

Transgender respondents were disproportionately younger, poorer, less white and more likely to be unemployed.

No wonder transgender deviants appeal to liberals.

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In addition to these demographic trends, researchers identified numerous health disparities between transgender adults and the cisgender adult population. …

More specifically, transgender people were more likely to be overweight and depressed. …

The health disparities between the transgender and cisgender population also extended to cognitive functioning. When asked whether they had any problems with “concentrating, remembering or making decisions,” 10 percent of cisgender and 18 percent of transgender adults answered yes.

To what extent cognitive and emotional problems produce transgenderism versus vice versa remains to be determined. Possibly it works both ways in a vicious cycle that pulls screwed-up people ever farther down into a whirlpool of lunacy, perversion, and dysfunction.

But none of this will prevent liberal authorities from promoting transsexual depravity at every opportunity. You have to wonder: Since they obviously don’t mean us well, what exactly is their objective?

Not healthy. Who would have guessed?

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