Transgender Who Identifies With Being Paralyzed Purposely Crashed Bike To Be Disabled [VIDEO]

Transgender Who Identifies With Being Paralyzed Purposely Crashed Bike To Be Disabled [VIDEO]

There is something that is absolutely not right with this person’s head. This is a mental illness that needs to be addressed in the comfort of a therapist’s office.

Chloe Jennings is a transgender “woman” who doesn’t just think that he is a woman, but disabled as well. That’s right, he’s a fully functioning adult who wishes to live out the rest of his days in a wheelchair.

“When I’m in the wheelchair I’m not even thinking about the wheelchair. it’s just normal for me, but anytime I’m walking it’s always in my mind, sometimes dominating my mind, that this is not the way it’s supposed to be.”

Jennings is suffering from Body Integrity Identity Disorder, which causes him to believe that he is a disabled man stuck in an able man’s body. This reads as an insult to people who are involuntarily wheelchair-bound through no fault of their own. Why would you choose to live like that when you have the blessings of a body that works? Instead of trying to disable yourself, why not go to therapy and get help so you can be happy in your body?

When he was 9, Jennings attempted to paralyze himself by riding his bike off of a stage. However, he just ended up with a few bumps and bruises. Why? Because he was jealous of an aunt who was forced to wear leg braces after a terrible bike accident.

Watch the video below:

He claims that he was 4 years-old when he decided that he wasn’t supposed to have working legs. If this is true, then he’s been mentally ill for quite a while and nobody has gotten him the help that he needs. The last thing he needs is people enabling him to destroy himself instead of trying to help him come to terms with his illness and helping him work through it.

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