Transgender: James Woods Ignites Heated Debate Over ‘Significant Risks’ Parents Place On Children

Transgender: James Woods Ignites Heated Debate Over ‘Significant Risks’ Parents Place On Children

So this happened…

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And then nobody cared about the tweet and everyone went home. No, sorry, not today. Actor James Woods hits home, straight to the point of the issue that’s been boiling over for a while now: That LGBT acceptance has morphed into abusively pushing sexuality on to children who should be playing in the dirt outside, regardless of gender and not being trotted out by their parents in the left-wing version of beauty pageants. Kids are exploited by their parents who put them in the public eye in what looks like a bid to gain points with their left-wing friends for being the Most Accepting Of Them All.

One of the original pushers of transgender surgery for children was psychologist John Money whose experiment on Canadian-born David Reimer caused Reimer to commit suicide as an adult. A botched circumcision as an infant destroyed his penis and he was very unsuccessfully “reassigned” to live as a girl. Reimer committed suicide in 2004.

Back to Woods’ tweet. It was reported in Breitbart that:

The boy’s mother, Lori Duron, author of a blog called, defended her actions and said Wood is “hugely misinformed.”

In a friendly interview with People, Duron defended the choices she and her husband made for their son over the years.

“LGBTQ youth don’t hurt their parents, they hurt themselves,” she said. “We’re trying to raise our son in a way that he doesn’t fall into those behaviors. His tweet was so uninformed. LGBTQ youth do not kill other people, they kill themselves.”

The family’s reported friend, gay actor Neil Patrick Harris, tried to shame Woods as “ignorant and classless.”

To which he had a simple response:


…a growing number of pediatricians, mental health professionals, and gay rights activists are warning American parents about the dangers of the pro-transgender “gender ideology,” which pressures parents to impose risky and dangerous treatments on their children.

When you start to look around and see the evidence piling up, it’s hard to not side with James Woods on this one. Children need boundaries and to play outside in the dirt. Not this.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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