Transgender Jazz Jennings Doll

Transgender Jazz Jennings Doll

We were first introduced to Jazz Jennings after his parents had made him into a trophy transsexual in kindergarten. This paid off for all involved with a reality television show. Now Jazz is a product for purchase:

Jazz Jennings, the first reality television transgender activist, is now the world’s “first transgender doll.”

The Tonner Doll Company unveiled their “Jazz” doll, complete with feminine hair and makeup, to the market this week, and, across the country, parents of particularly woke children rejoiced, as they no longer had to stomach the hetero-normative gender binary when choosing toys.

Let’s hope the Jazz doll is not anatomically correct. The “real” Jazz has not yet undergone sexual mutilation a.k.a. “gender confirmation” surgery.

[His] parents told the media that Jazz “came out” to the public on [his] 5th birthday, when [he] wore a one-piece girl’s bathing suit to [his] party.

Ever since, they have promoted their pawn relentlessly, with the eager help of the depraved media establishment. Young Jazz has published a memoir on his life as a transgender teen, and has been interviewed by Katie Couric and Oprah Winfrey.

The Tonner Doll company, which makes collectible dolls for adults, is sculpting the doll based on Jazz’s appearance along with the pink shirt and jean shorts Jazz sports on her memoir. It debuted at the New York Toy Fair this past weekend. A variation of the doll sports a sparkling white ballerina dress. …

Unlike with its other dolls, Tonner intends to market the transgender doll to children, starting in July.

It is appropriate that a doll would be based on Jazz, who himself is in effect a doll dressed by his parents as an indulgence in make-believe. The toy will serve the same purpose he does: to advance a social engineering agenda so sick that prior (and hopefully future) generations would find it incomprehensible.

Moonbat parents will line up to buy them.

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