Trying on Clothes in Fundamentally Transformed America

A recent event at a Ross department store in Mesquite, Texas demonstrates what progressives’ bathroom blitzkrieg means for the ladies:

Lisa Stickles went into a changing room to try some clothing on and heard a man’s voice inside, CBS DFW reported.

Stickles did what any reasonable adult would do, she told the store manager, but was not prepared for what happened next.

“[The manager] went inside the dressing room, came right back out and called me to the side and told me… he was representing himself as a woman today,” she said.

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A Ross customer service representative told CBS DFW that the retailer does not discriminate against the transgender community and that customers may use changing rooms that apply to their gender identity.

Just like Target. Just like Obama has tried to impose on public schools by authoritarian decree.

“What about me?” Stickles asked. “Or my feelings?”

Under cultural Marxism, the concerns of normal people are irrelevant.

She added that the manager “told me that if I felt uncomfortable in the dressing room with him there … I’d have to wait until he’s finished.”

Stickles said she was shocked when the man finally emerged from the changing room.

“He was in no way dressed as a woman,” she said. “He had on jeans, a t-shirt, 5 o’clock shadow, very deep voice. He was a man.”

But he doesn’t have to look like a woman; he only has to say that he feels like one. Does anyone really think Bruce Jenner looks like a woman?

At least it was only a dressing room, which presumably has private stalls, rather than a locker room.

Don’t expect it to get better. Shrillary, Trump, and Sanders, all being progressives, agree that this is the sort of country we should be forced to live in. Among other candidates still in the race until recently, Kasich agrees too; Ted Cruz characteristically stands alone against the tsunami of degenerate authoritarian moonbattery that is sweeping our country away.

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