Weird New World: Special Period Underwear Designed For Women Who Think They’re Guys

“Even if I’m a transgender male, I still have it in my head that men aren’t supposed to have their period, because that’s what society has taught me.”

Can we agree on two things?

First, can we agree with the head of psychology at Johns Hopkins that “transgenderism” is a mental illness which needs to be treated as such?

And second, can we agree that it is an ugly thing for people to be attempting to make a buck catering to that mental illness?

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It’s the second thing on display here

Underwear brand THINX launched two summers ago with the tagline “Underwear for women with periods.” The briefs have an insert in each pair that is absorbent, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, so wearers can avoid leakage.

But after the brand’s launch, CEO Miki Agrawal encountered some feedback from the transgender community: Women aren’t the only people with periods. Many transgender men menstruate as well.

Along with her team, Agrawal admits she didn’t think twice about the transgender experience and was struck by how right these individuals were to be so passionate about the issue. “We hadn’t given a lot of thought to it, which is not super surprising given the lack of trans male visibility even now,” she says.

After much research, Agrawal decided to offer underwear for everyone. She learned just how necessary it was to develop a brand of underwear for transgender men; since many choose not to take hormones or undergo sex reassignment surgeries, they may still have periods.

Depending on the person, that monthly experience can be a traumatic reminder of a physical body that does not coincide with their gender identity.

And then, this…

One fan of THINX is Sawyer, a 30-year old transgender man from Brooklyn, who became a consultant after being discovered on his Instagram.

“I experienced with five-ish years of identifying a man but still having my period…and would wear multiple layers so I didn’t leak anywhere and no one knew I had my period,” he says in the film. “Even if I’m a transgender male, I still have it in my head that men aren’t supposed to have their period, because that’s what society has taught me. In the trans community no one is talking about men with periods because it’s a source of shame.”

The thing is, if you’re having a period you’re not a man. That might be what society teaches you, but there’s a reason for that; it’s also what nature teaches you as well.

Finally, this…

The brand, Agrawal says, ultimately wants to make a difference in the way people view the transgender community.

“[We want to] make people accept and understand trans men as menstruating people, by being open and honest about it and unafraid of people’s judgments,” she says. “We have to support the trans community as part of ours.”

Meanwhile, radical Islamic terrorism has declared a full-on war against Western civilization and is dispatching gunmen and suicide bombers to Europe and America to kill as many of us as possible.

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