Trump IMPEACHMENT Announcement on House Floor [VIDEO]

Trump IMPEACHMENT Announcement on House Floor [VIDEO]

Here we go!

The Democrats are finally formally calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Well, at least one Democrat is doing so.

Stating that he does not “do this for political purposes” is as honest as you could expect from a jilted Democrat. After 12 years in Congress hasn’t accomplished much of value beyond supporting every Obama budget and the automotive industry bailout and participating in two subcommittees, he must feel that it’s time to make a name for himself.

You can watch the short clip here where he appears to be holding back his #FakeTears and #FakeOutrage as he calls for the impeachment of the President of the United States of America.

Remember last week when liberals couldn’t decide if they loved or hated James Comey, the now-fired Director of the FBI? The story is now on its last legs and is focusing on something of which there is zero evidence.

As reported in The Political Insider:

The congressman formulated his stance in light of recent news that a memo written by James Comey allegedly shows that President Trump tried to interfere in the Michael Flynn investigation.

To date, that memo has not actually been produced for public or congressional eyes, a fact that didn’t vaguely dampen Green’s zeal to topple the Trump presidency.

Furthermore, CNN reports on the seven-term congressman’s nebulous rationale:

Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump Wednesday morning, the first member of Congress to officially request leveling charges against the President from the House floor.

“This is about my position. This is about what I believe. And this is where I stand. I will not be moved. The President must be impeached,” Green said on the floor. “For those who do not know, impeachment does not mean that the President would be found guilty. It simply means that the House of Representatives will bring charges against the President. It’s similar to an indictment but not quite the same thing.”

We all read that, right? The President must be impeached based on a memo that probably doesn’t exist and even if it did and he were found not guilty of any crime presented in that memo, he should still be impeached?

This is insanity. The Democrats have been undermining the election of Donald Trump since before November 9th and they will continue to do so for years.

And every week, it’ll be a new story with an even stupider piece of #FakeNews backing it up.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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