Trump Open to Declaring War on China

Sure she pounds on him in head-to-head matchups, but given Shrillary’s deepening legal troubles, Donald Trump could conceivably become president. If this doesn’t scare you, it should:

Trump said on Saturday that his foreign policy would be “unpredictable” in order to maintain leverage over other countries.

In an interview with The New York Times, Trump even suggested that he would not rule out going to war with China in order to show the country that he’s serious about trade negotiations.

“I would use trade to negotiate. Would I go to war? Look, let me just tell you. There’s a question I wouldn’t want to answer. Because I don’t want to say I won’t or I will or – do you understand that, David?” he said, addressing Times reporter David Sanger.

Not only competitors but also allies will be left guessing as to just what Trump will pull on them:

Trump also brought up the importance of unpredictability when asked about spying on U.S. allies like Germany.

According to Trump, predictability is a problem, and a symptom of transparency:

The former reality television star suggested that democracy was hurting the U.S. when it came to foreign policy because it required leaders to be too transparent.

There will be no transparency with President Trump, who doesn’t want people “to know what my real thinking is.” He has made it clear that he intends to rule by whim, and that his whims will not be easy to predict. One thing we do know is that he is open to using nuclear weapons.

Getting into a possibly nuclear war with our #2 trading partner after Canada would not have a beneficial effect on the economy. But what is more important to Trump supporters is that the world stand in awe of how angry they are.

This won’t end well.

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