37 Countries Are Against A U.S. Border Wall With Mexico Or Something

37 Countries Are Against A U.S. Border Wall With Mexico Or Something

This is cute. As John Schick writes, “Our national interests are not determined by foreign nations” (via Twitchy)

From the Pew article

Trump’s proposal to erect a wall along the border between Mexico and the U.S. generates the greatest opposition in the countries surveyed. Globally, a median of 76% disapprove of building the wall, while only 16% approve. Publics in Europe and Latin America are the most negative, with a median of about 85% in both regions voicing disapproval. In Mexico, 94% oppose building a wall on their border.

The idea of building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico receives the greatest support among Jordanians (44% approve) and Israelis (42%), but even in these countries, public opinion is split on the issue.

In North America and Europe, men are more likely than women to support building a physical wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Australia has the largest gender gap in approval ratings for the border wall: 26% of men vs. 12% of women support Trump’s announced intention.

I bet a bunch of countries, particularly in central Europe, wished they had had walls in the late 1930’s.

A lot of those countries are ones which no one actually wants to move to legally, much less illegally. Seriously, Kenya? Nigeria?

Several, such as the UK and Australia, are actually islands, so have no need of walls. Australia will deport an illegal in a heartbeat. Japan will not allow people to practice Islam.

South Korea has a massive amount of military might along a zone between North Korea and South Korea. It’s quite a bit more than a wall.

Sweden should worry about its own Islamist rape crisis first. Venezuela has their own issues. Brazil should worry about clear-cutting the Amazon rain forest and the squalor within their big cities.

They can all piss off. Bunch of wankers.

There are also polls about people not liking the U.S. pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and Trump’s travel ban. The whole thing is about trying to slam Trump from a world view. Looks like we can add them to the Sore Losers Club, as well.

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