Horror! Trump Blows Off Tradition, Refuses To Fill Out March Madness Bracket!

Horror! Trump Blows Off Tradition, Refuses To Fill Out March Madness Bracket!


How dare he!

(Washington Post) It appears that President Trump is passing on March Madness. He will not continue his predecessor’s annual tradition of filling out an NCAA tournament bracket on ESPN.

The network reached out to Trump’s staff and invited the president to fill out a bracket on-camera, just as President Barack Obama had the past several years. The network recently received word that Trump has passed. An ESPN spokesman said in a statement: “We expressed our interest to the White House in continuing the presidential bracket. They have respectfully declined.” (snip)

A spokesman told The Post in December that ESPN would extend an invite Trump to continue the tradition, but Andy Katz, the ESPN basketball analyst who conceived the idea and walked Obama through the bracket explained at the time that “the bracket idea worked because President Obama follows basketball and is passionate about the sport.

“He wasn’t as dialed in to every player or team but had conversational knowledge to offer his own analysis on the NCAA tournament for the men’s and women’s game. Baracketology was a success because it was clear he was a fan of the sport and the NCAA tournament, like millions of other Americans,” Katz said.

OMG, he’s not tuned into basketball and doesn’t want to hang out at ESPN to discuss it and fill out a bracket, just like millions of other Americans! This is super important, guys!

(USA Today) And that’s fine — if President Trump doesn’t feel that he has the kind of knowledge required to pick an NCAA bracket, it makes sense not to do it.

Trump doesn’t have knowledge! He can’t do a bracket! Impeach! Impeach!

Mashable trots out this tweet

before noting

One looks like a posh wedding. One looks like the ultimate sports viewing experience.

It’s still early, but Trump doesn’t appear to be the sports fan Obama is.


I mean, seriously, folks, it’s a basketball bracket. The media is using this to take snotty, childish shots at Trump. To go with the constant bashing Trump Derangement Syndrome on everything else. The only thing missing is painting Trump skipping the whole celebrity president thing and not doing a bracket is calling it racist.

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