NY Times Fake News: Pax American Is Over, Doom Around The World To Ensue

NY Times Fake News: Pax American Is Over, Doom Around The World To Ensue

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Can opinion pieces be that “fake news” that Liberals are all losing their minds over? A goodly chunk seems to be based on things that might possibly maybe happen and if they do WE ARE ALL DOOMED!!!!!!! The NY Times features a slightly higher level of moonbattery/Trump Derangement Syndrome this morning, making it actually hard to pick which opinion piece is the most wacky. We have multiple pieces proclaiming Trump’s pick for Ambassador to Israel is going to essentially cause war, including by the Editorial Board (hint: they lost the election.) We have another by a Chilean stating that Americans now know how it feels that Russia rigged the election, because the CIA did that to Chili. Paul Krugman is whining about useful idiots (hint: Krugman lost the election). And another wondering if Trump is a threat to democracy.

Then there’s this one, about liberals suffering collective trauma. Think on that as you read the above links, and this nutty one by Roger Cohen, which has the subhead “The United States will be agnostic on human rights, freedom and democracy.”

Pax American Is Over

The thing about “The Apprentice” is you could turn it off. Now we get to watch Donald Trump all the time. There’s nowhere to hide. I was in Papua New Guinea recently. His name kept coming up.

The appointments cascade at reality-show speed. Rick Perry to head the Energy Department whose name he couldn’t remember when he wanted to dismantle it! Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency he’s spent the last several years suing! A fierce critic of worker protections to be secretary of labor! An oil executive, Rex Tillerson, whose company owns drilling rights on 63.7 million acres in Russia to handle dealings with Vladimir Putin when Moscow just infiltrated the American election process!

Next up: Kim Jong-un as press secretary, Cruella de Vil to head the Humane Society, and Mata Hari to lead the Cybersecurity National Action Plan.

Sounds like collective trauma, which can be also referred to as moonbattery and Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

But some things may be emerging from the fog. Trump is not interested in the rules-based international order the United States has spent the last seven decades building and defending. His foreign policy will be transactional. If it profits America, fine. If not, forget about it. Trump’s United States will be agnostic on human rights, freedom and democracy. America, suspending moral judgment, will behave a lot more like China on the world stage.

Cohen then goes on to say China is still better, though. TDS. He’s not quite sure what Trump might do about Syria and Aleppo. Perhaps saying it’s sad and asking Middle East nations to pitch on (though Cohen does briefly note that Syria is a huge stain on Obama).

America is an idea. Strip freedom, human rights, democracy and the rule of law from what the United States represents to the world and America itself is gutted. Of course, realpolitik driven by interests is integral to American foreign policy, but a valueless approach of the kind Trump proposes leaves the world rudderless.

This is all interesting, because Obama has pretty much done nothing on human rights, freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, both domestically and internationally. He attacked Libya, then left it to turn to shambles and a hotbed of radical Islam. He’s blown up our relations with Israel and Egypt. Not that al-Sisi is a great guy, but, Obama and Hillary backed the Muslim Brotherhood there. They told us Assad in Syria was a “reformer.” They did nothing about the civil war in Syria. Hillary said dealing with climate change was more important than China’s human rights abuses. Obama opens up Cuba but ignored their human rights abuses and dictatorial government. And, among many more, created a deal where Iran can create nuclear weapons in 10 years.

What say, Roger Cohen? Why did you liberals have no complaints about Obama and Hillary? When Obama ignored the rule of law here, used the IRS and other federal agencies to attack political opponents, and so many other things, you either were silent or even cheerleaded. Now you complain about things that haven’t even happened for a guy who hasn’t even taken office yet.

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