Washington Post: Since Impeachment Is A Long Shot, There’s Something Else Unhinged That Can Be Done

Washington Post: Since Impeachment Is A Long Shot, There’s Something Else Unhinged That Can Be Done

The unhinged fantasies of Democratic Party voters, and, yes, some Republicans, that Trump will be impeached are not good for their mental well being. This constant bleating that something will show up, that he’s committed some sort of crime, that they can invoked the 25th Amendment, and, further, somehow get impeach VP Mike Pence at the same time and end up with a Hillary Clinton (a candidate who was so bad that even though the entire media was pulling for her, she lost the only election that mattered by blowing off needed states. And passing out in public view). Now, we have the Washington Post’s Robert Kagan dragging out yet another fantasy

Impeaching Trump is a long shot. There’s another way to protect the country.

With the impeachment and removal of President Trump a long shot at best, there is another way to provide the country some protection from our unfit president: congressional government. The idea may seem far-fetched in this era of the “imperial presidency,” but there have been times in the nation’s history, especially in the decades after the Civil War but also to a lesser extent during the 1920s, when Congress ran the show on many critical matters and the president dared take no action without the approval of powerful committee chairmen.

The clearest example of this, and the one most relevant to the current situation, was in 1865, when a Republican Congress seized control of federal administration of the defeated South from then-President Andrew Johnson. A Tennessean who saw himself as the defender of Southern white supremacy, Johnson refused to pursue the agenda of the Radical Republicans who wanted to break the power of the white ruling class in order to ensure the rights and the physical safety of newly freed blacks. When Johnson refused to compromise, Congress took charge. For some months, Congress wielded control not only over national policy but also over its implementation by the military.

Months. In fact, Kagan is leaving a lot of details unmentioned. A LOT. The situation was vastly different. Look it up. There’s no comparison with Trump, who Democrats and some Republicans loathe simply because.

There’s no reason Congress could not do the same now. On some issues, it already has. On two important policies — sanctions on Russia and health care — a working majority of Democrats and Republicans in the Senate has already thwarted Trump. Another bipartisan majority appears to have formed against Trump’s threat to shut down the government unless he gets significant funding for a wall along the Southern border. In fact, on any number of issues, there are enough anti-Trump Republicans in the Senate not only to block the president but also to push their own policies contrary to the president’s — as was the case with Russia sanctions.

But, that isn’t even close to Congress “running the show.” It’s simply the normal state of affairs, where the duly elected Legislative Branch disagrees with the duly elected Chief Executive. That happens. Is the Supreme Court “running the show” when it disagrees with legislation?

The rest of the typical Barking Moonbat opinion is just a continuation of this silliness, this fantasy of people who just can’t move on. It’s surely a good time to be a psychologist. Gonna be a lot of fancy cars and boats purchased by them.

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