When The TSA Thugs Humiliate 95 Year Old Cancer Patients, They Want You To Know They’re Just Following Orders

When The TSA Thugs Humiliate 95 Year Old Cancer Patients, They Want You To Know They’re Just Following Orders

The government’s TSA rent-a-thugs have been hard at work — not catching terrorists, of course. Their security procedures aren’t designed to do that effectively. However, they are good at one thing: Harassing, humiliating, and traumatizing American citizens who have to be exposed to them in order to fly.

This time, the TSA outdid themselves.

News Herald reported that Jean Weber filed the complaint after her wheelchair-bound 95-year-old mother, who is in the final stages of her battle with leukemia, was asked to remove an adult diaper during a pat down search.

According to Weber, her elderly mother was first taken to a glass-partitioned area and patted down before being taken to another room. As she was waiting outside of the room, officers conducting the pat down told Weber that her mother’s Depends diaper would need to be removed because it was soiled and impeding their search.

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“It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil,” Weber said. “Here is my mother, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and then this.”

Weber took her elderly mother to the bathroom and removed her diaper, then returned to complete the pat down. She said she did not have another clean diaper with her.

Would anybody be surprised if the TSA ignored a crazy-eyed, 20-year-old male from Saudi Arabia with a one way ticket right before they searched a 95 year old grandmother with cancer?

But, when the TSA overseers get called on the fascistic, un-American, unconstitutional, despicable way that they treat people, they always claim it’s all about security.

Except it’s not.

The Israelis have the best airline security in the world and they don’t do this. Even Europe doesn’t do this. We’re the only civilized nation on the planet that allows government goons to randomly molest children, feel up attractive women, and humiliate wheelchair-bound, 95 year old women because Barack Obama says so.

All I can say is thank goodness the government isn’t asking the loathsome bottom feeders who work at the TSA to force anyone into a concentration camp because we can be pretty sure of what their answer would be.

PS: Yes, I am saying that not only are the people pushing these policies bad people, the people implementing them are bad people, too. “I’m just following orders” doesn’t cut it with the things that they’re doing.

PS #2: Screw Godwin’s law. If the TSA authorities don’t like being compared to Nazis, they should stop using their immoral and dehumanizing, yet completely ineffective security tactics.

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