Liberal Professor Who Made Belligerent Appearance on Tucker Gets BAD NEWS [VIDEO]

Liberal Professor Who Made Belligerent Appearance on Tucker Gets BAD NEWS [VIDEO]

Unless you’re willing to deal with the consequences, do not go on Tucker Carlson’s show to argue in favor of Black Lives Matter holding a segregated, blacks-only Memorial Day event.

It wasn’t long until Lisa Durden, a professor, was telling the media about her employers:

“They did this to humiliate me,” Durden said. “[My employers] Essex County College publicly lynched me in front of my students.”

Two days after appearing on Tucker to discuss Black Lives Matter, Ms. Durden arrived at her Essex County College classroom in Newark to teach her speech class, but found out that she had been suspended. She was told to cancel her class and then see the campus’ Human Resources Department.

As reported in The Star-Ledger at New Jersey Dot Com:

Durden was given a letter, signed by Jeffrey Lee, vice president for academic affairs, informing her that she was suspended “until further notice.” She had to turn over her grade book to Christopher Rivera, chairperson of the Humanities Division.

The letter does not mention the Tucker Carlson show, but Durden said administration officials made a point of bringing it up that day. In a meeting with Lee and Karen Bridgett, assistant director of Human Resources, Durden said Bridgett told her someone “complained” that she associated herself to the college during the television show appearance.

Ms. Durden pushed back, saying that she only called herself a “political commentator” on the show and did not associate herself while on air with the College. This completely skips over what the rest of us think is the real point, that Ms. Durden is looking to bring back segregation as a way to deal with her perception that Trump’s America is now chock full of white supremacists.

The College’s response was that they were looking to promote a community of unity that is inclusive of all and asserted that they were within their state’s legal framework to suspend Ms. Durden.

You can watch her entire appearance here and judge for yourself whether the College was right to suspend her.

h/t The Daily Caller

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