10 Priorities For The Government

Just for the fun of it, I decided to put together a list of things, in order, that I’d like to see our Republican controlled government work on.

Note that these are things that are dear to my black conservative heart, not things that I necessarily expect will actually be taken up by the House or the White House.

1) Balanced Budget Amendment: The devil would be in the details, but unless we have some sort of legally mandated spending constraints we will never be able to control spending long-term.

2) Flat Tax or National Sales Tax: Flattening out the tax system would lead to stronger economic growth long-term for the country and a rising tide lifts all boats.

3) Term Limits: Politics shouldn’t be a lifetime job and keeping our reps moving in and out keeps them honest and trying to do what’s right for the country, instead of worrying so much about keeping their cushy jobs.

4) School Vouchers: Nothing would make a bigger positive impact on our school system than introducing real competition.

5) Illegal Immigration Crackdown: Guest worker programs are fine, but border jumping criminals are bad for the country.

6) Tort Reform: Lawsuits are a huge drain on our economy and drive up costs for everybody. Bringing our “lawsuit lottery” legal system under control would help America’s businesses considerably, especially those in the health care industry.

7) Health Care Savings Accounts: Nothing would reduce healthcare costs nationwide like health care savings accounts.

8) Social Security Individual Investment Accounts: This will help the program stay in the black longer and it’ll give our government less money to spend which is another big plus.

9) Stricter Control Of Legal Immigration: I’d like to see us cut down from 1.1 million plus legal immigrants allowed per year to around 300,000.

10) A Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage: This has been less of a priority because Bush has 4 more years to put in conservative judges and because the SCOTUS will be more hesitant to tinker with something like DOMA after the strong showing marriage protection Amendments made at the state level.

PS: I would be interested in seeing other lists like this and so if you create one, link this list, and let me know about it, I’ll try to link to your list later tonight.

*** Update #1***: By the way, I wanted to make it clear that I was focusing on legislative issues for the Federal Government to tackle so a few important issues weren’t mentioned.

For example, the war on terrorism is priority #1 for me. A conservative judiciary that believes in sticking to the Constitution? That’s up there too. I’d also like to see an end to gerrymandering and some steps that will make the vote more secure, but in many respects those are state issues.

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