Misc Commentary For Nov 10, 2004

— “Alberto Gonzales looks to be W’s choice to replace John Ashcroft and personally, I think it’s a great pick. Gonzales is a Bush loyalist with a reputation for being tough on terror and plenty of legal experience that shows he’s up to the job. Some people aren’t all that high on him because they think he may be pro-abortion (and that’s not as clear cut as some people think it is) but,

#1: Who cares if the AG is pro or anti-abortion? His job is to enforce the law, whatever it may be, not write it.

#2: Gonzales was a man who many people thought Bush might nominate for the Supreme Court. If Gonzales is the type of guy who would let his personal feelings about abortion interfere with his interpretation of the law — which of course is far from a given — would you rather have him as an AG or on the Supreme Court? Exactly!

— I think we’ve essentially gotten to a point where the situation with Arlen Specter is win/win.

If the enormous pressure that has been applied to the Senate has been enough to prevent Specter from becoming Chairman of the Judicial Committee, we’ll have knocked off a guy who was saying he wasn’t going stick up for the sort of judges we want.

On the other hand, in an effort to hang on to the Chairmanship of the Judicial Committee, Specter has for all intents and purposes promised to back just about anybody Bush sends up.

Furthermore, the GOP, The Senate, Specter, all of them now know that the base is going to riot if they don’t fight tooth and nail for conservative judges.

I’d rather get rid of Specter, but even if he survives at this point, we’re in a MUCH BETTER position than we were in a week ago.

— Not only is Prime Minister Allawi an ally of the United States, he’s the leader in the fight against the terrorists and insurgents who have been murdering Iraqis, beheading foreigners, killing our troops, and trying to stop the Iraqis from becoming free. Now, members of Allawi’s family have been kidnapped by terrorists. And some of the reactions at the Democratic Underground are just unbelievable…

sniffa: “i’d say i care but that wouLd be a Lie.”

ProfessorPlum: “Allawi is a pig at the trough of this enormous banquet of human suffering. I feel bad for his family members, if they are indeed innocent, but not for Allawi himself. You reap what you sow, and he is in bed with Bushco.”

devilgrrl: “It’s called for…because I so don’t give a rat’s ass either. I tried to stop this – no one listened – it’s not my problem.”

Cobalt Violet: “Bush has a family too!”

Artemis Bunyon: “Compassion? She died in a violent head-on collision with Hope. Karma is a b*tch. F*ck Allawi. F*ck Bush.”

Gee, why do so many people wonder if libs are rooting for the enemy against America? Where could that sort of impression ever come from?

— The road to peace between the Israelis and Palestinians will probably be long and winding, but one way or the other, it has to run over Arafat’s dead body which is why it’s good news that he’s about to pass

Hat tip to DANEgerus Weblog for the cartoon.

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