100,000 Expected for May Day Protest in Los Angeles

Authorities in Los Angeles are bracing for a massive illegal immigration rally today. As always, the hardline communist protest groups are leading the demonstrations. Here’s the statement at L.A. Indy Media:

WORKERS RIGHTS ARE IMMIGRANT RIGHTS! Diverse immigrant rights groups all over the United States will come out in a united full force for an all-out drive to push genuine immigration reform in 2010. In almost all major cities of the United States, immigrant rights groups led the labor unions, immigrant rights advocates and anti-war and racism forces like the International ANSWER Coalition will hold march and rallies for full immigrant rights and to commemorate International Workers Day.

Check ANSWER’s page here, with the link to the international solidarity protest flyer, “ESTAMOS UNIDOS POR LA REFORMA MIGRATORIA EN EL 2010” (“UNITED FOR IMMIGRATION REFORM 2010”).

And via Blazing Cat Fur, check out Robert Fulford’s essay on Soviet May celebrations:

May Day was the biggest annual show in the world, a gigantic parade that climaxed before the Lenin mausoleum in Red Square as dignitaries smiled down on rows of tanks, cannon, missiles and soldiers paraded before them.

It was the chief ritual in the myth-laden cult of communism, a drama that seamlessly combined weaponry and peasant enthusiasm. May Day parades flourished till 1991, when protesters jeered General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev and suddenly the jolliness was over. Today it exists mainly as a grotesque comedy, its carefully crafted remnants floating on the Internet.

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