15 Most Underrated People In New Media

With the campaign getting a bit surreal, I thought I might highlight some people you should know. Today I got inspired when Marc Lamont Hill published a piece at the Huffington Post entitled “The 15 Most Overrated White People.” So, then local radio show host Michael Berry on NewsTalk 750am , decided to take calls to list the “15 Most Overrated Black People.”

It was all so pathetic, I thought I needed to go positive, so I decided to give you this. Many on this list may be pretty well known, but they are still underrated because they should be stars.

15 Most Underrated People In New Media : (In no particular order)

David Burge at IowaHawk is one of the funniest writers on the net. If you don’t follow him on twitter you missing a daily laugh.

Jim Hoft at: GateWayPundit breaks stories way before the networks, and even before twitter. He breaks stories the MSM ignore. Every story you want to read about. He has it with details no one else has, and with video and pictures.

Emily Zanotti at Naked DC. It just doesn’t get any funnier. Smart and hilarious.

Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters. Not only does he break stories on media bias, but his analysis is always right on. He does amazing work.

SmartGirlPolitics. This site is run by many conservative women, including my good buddy who co-founded it, Teri Christophe. This organization is not your Mom’s Republican Women’s Club. Oh no, there are no quaint teas here. It’s gun toting, hard working, sexy confident conservative chicks. They modernized the conservative woman’s movement.

Ben Domench and Brad Jackson of Coffee and Markets. They are pretty well known, I know, but no one does a : better more informed podcast with great guests, and you should be listening.

SooperMexican calls himself : a businessman, wise Latino, and cartoonist. He gives his conservative “mexy” take on everything, and he’s just good.

DaTechGuy has to be the hardworking guy in New Media. Every event I go to I see him in the corner working away, and when the rest of us are partying at a bar, there he is again in the corner working hard. The hard work pays off with great content.

Jimmie Bise Jr at The Sundries Shack. His writings are great, but his podcasts just cover everything with great people in new media, and it’s always entertaining.

Thomas LaDuke, Fingers Malloy, and all the people who broadcast on FTR Radio. They are at every convention, every conservative: event, everywhere anything good is going on. It’s amazing radio.

Jim Geraghty at National Review. Yes, Jim is a distinguished well known writer at National Review, but he is truly involved in new Media, and his “Morning Jolt” is an absolute must to get sent to your inbox each morning. He is also hilarious. Even though is a star, he is still underreated. You must follow him on twitter. : @jimgeraghty

Michelle Malkin. Yes, she is already a conservative star, but she is underrated by not having her own show on a network or cable news. No one works harder. No one has done more for New Media than this woman. She was a pioneer with her own blog and her HotAir blog. She showed us all how to do it.

Andrew Kaczynski at Buzzfeed. Andrew kept this list from being “conservative people in New Media.” He’s not conservative, he is just about the best new media guy out there. He makes Buzzfeed funny, and keeps it from being nothing more than the mutant child of Huffington Post and Politico. He researches things no one else does. He is unique and funny.

You might have noticed that many of these people I have described as funny. I like funny. I think it helps GREATLY in politics. When you can make a great point AND make me laugh, you have my love forever. Being funny is underrated in politics.

So, go enjoy these great people. I know I do.

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