2009, Our Turn to Be Offended

Here’s a thought: now that it’s officially post-December 25, it’s amazing how people who have been saying “happy holidays” for the past month, swearing that there are multiple “holidays” this season, magically remember the distinct name of the next upcoming “holiday” and revert back to saying “Happy New Year”. I suppose that out of all the very numerous “holidays” celebrated on and around December 25th, New Year’s must not be one of them. Next year, I’m giving out high-five’s to anyone who tells me to have a “Merry Christmas.”

In truth, conservatives actually have a lot to learn from liberals. It’s a lot like guerrilla warfare: you don’t keep marching time in when your enemy is hiding, sneaking up on you, and trying to destroy you – instead, you learn to play by their rules in order to survive.

I’ve always found it interesting that the first people to tell others to turn the proverbial cheek are the very ones who are throwing the punches in the first place. But even more interesting is the fact that quite often, the one who is the target of the punches actually heeds his enemy’s advice. In the case of “political warfare”, we see this happening constantly. While there is rarely a low to which the extreme left wing isn’t willing to stoop, conservatives are expected to be good little Christians that play nice while their values and culture are slandered, twisted, and eradicated, and while they themselves are mocked and demeaned.

Finally, over the last few years enough Christians and Christian-non-haters have come together to fight against the “war on Christmas”, but for the most past, the radicals downplay their efforts as petty and offensive to non-Christians.

But it can’t be denied — in 2009, it has been OUR turn to be offended. Finally.

What began as a historically demoralizing year for conservatives quickly, and, somewhat surprisingly, became a turning point for the right-wing movement. While we’ve still got a long, long way to go to prevail against the most radical and dangerous presidential administration in our country’s history, it’s a relief to see that conservatives have found their pulses. It’s been a long, even painful, year. But looking back on the last twelve months, here are a few reasons to have hope and to be thankful:

Tea Parties and Townhalls

Who would ever have guessed that millions of Americans would gather throughout the country to protest the unconstitutional government takeovers made and attempted under the Obama Administration, just months after the president was being voted into office at the height of “Obamamania.”

Perhaps most interesting is that this movement, unlike most others in our recent history, doesn’t have a particular face attached to it — no Obama-like celebrity to encourage the sheep-like masses to follow. For the first time since I can remember, Americans stopped waiting around for a hero to save them; instead they stood up themselves to do the saving.

The result? The recently emboldened Democrats in Congress are suddenly not so bold. They’re not on the side of “the people”, and now that “the people” have caught on, only the most radical Dem’s like Nancy Pelosi are foolish enough to continue promoting ideas like the “public option.” With Democrats like Blanche Lincoln, Mary Landrieu, Ben Nelson, and Evan Bayh expressing serious concerns over the multiple healthcare reform plans proposed this year (though they ultimately vote to pass one that nominally has no public option), our previously comatose Republican Congressmen now suppose it’s okay to stop voting the way Pelosi and Harry Reid tell them to.

Glenn Beck and Fox News

Thanks to Glenn Beck and a handful of others, it has now become “cool” (at least, in a quirky way) to be conservative. Beck, who was always a breathe of fresh air on CNN, was really able to come into his own this year on Fox News. The Glenn Beck Show now joins The O’Reilly Factor and Hannity as one of the top three news shows on cable television. Meanwhile, Beck has now authored four books that have made it to number one on the NYT’s Bestseller List, the latest being Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government.

Fox News has had similar success this year, with 2009 as the highest year in the network’s history. With good reason, Fox has noticably stepped up their efforts to expose the truth about the current administration. In the meantime, ratings for liberal media channels CNN and MSNBC have dropped this year. The best part? Obama is TERRIFIED.

Republican Gubernatorial Victory, Times Two

The whole country was watching this year’s two gubernatorial elections, both of whose states had incumbent Democrat governors. In Virginia, where Republican Bob McDonnell was expectedly to easily defeat demcorat Creigh Deeds, McDonnell ended up winning by a whopping 18 points.

A few states north, the more liberal state of New Jersey would have a much closer race. While bets were on Republican Chris Christie, anything could happen in this politically corrupt state. In the end, Christie defeated incumbent Governor Jon Corzine, whose millions could not save his reputation of digging New Jersey into near bankruptcy. Christie’s five-point win was significant, pasrticularly because polls were predicting the race two come down to possibly one or two points.

Notably, President Obama had taken time to campaign for both Corzine and Deeds on multiple occassions. You know, because he had nothing better to do.

Traditional Marriage: 31, Gay Marriage: 0

As I wrote in November, the progressive state of Maine became the 31st state to vote against legalizing gay marriage when the issue was put on the ballot. Gay marriage advocates had hoped to finally win ONE state by virtue of the popular vote. They lost, 53% to 47%.

Meanwhile, New Jersey’s unpopular liberal Governor, Jon Corzine, has been promising to sign a bill to replace the state’s civil union law with actual gay “marriage.” The devious plan was to wait until the lame duck session to pounce. Thankfully for us and unfortunately for Corzine, the Democrats in legislature have had more sense that to stir up more controversy in year when they’ve already suffered so many setbacks. As it stands, the Dem’s have 11 days left before their terms run out, and no bill has yet to be passed.

The Rise of Conservative Women

Think Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Carrie Prejean. Like conservative women tend to be, these ladies are are smarter, classier, and less likely to resort to petty vulgarities than their liberal counterparts. But they’ve committed the ultimate crime: being beautiful and successful while conservative.

Nothing riles a liberal more than a successful conservative female because the very existence of such a woman proves that the feminist movement is a lie, the anti-values movement toward secularism is a lie, and the mentality of entitlement and victimization is a lie.

Women and men alike can’t help but notice and admire these smart, attractive women, and the left knows it. And so they resort to the most vicious, tactless, and degrading attacks they can think up against their targeted female opponents. A funny thing happened, though: instead of applying the liberal strategy of playing the victim, each of these women rose up and fought back. They wrote books, made public appearances, spoke to the media and set them straight. And the brilliant media still hasn’t caught on to the fact that they more the play dirty, the more well-known and well-liked these women keep becoming. Let’s not let them in our our secret.

Like so many others, I’m thankful to see the end of 2009. But despite the disappointments and defeats, I’m glad to see that conservatives still learned one thing this year: when all else fails, we can still fight back.

Happy New Year, all.

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