25 Things

Inspired by 50 Facts at Right Thinking Girl.

1) Classic movies I’ve never seen include The Godfather, Raging Bull, Citizen Kane & Deliverance.

2) A rule I picked up from reading about Robert Ringer talking about real estate also applies to the blogosphere. It’s not just about making money, it’s about getting paid and when you’re dealing with dodgy people, sometimes those two things may be mutually exclusive.

3) Here’s a little secret: if we could hang on to the Senate, I’d rather see Lincoln Chafee lose to a Democrat than win.

4) Same goes for John McCain, although he’s not up for reelection this year. Republicans would be better off without him and out of the mix, even if it cost us a seat.

5) I wonder how many other professional bloggers there are in the whole country? Do you think there are more than a dozen? I wonder…

6) When a foreign government or group says they want to kill you, you should take them at their word.

7) Our “special relationship” with Britain may end the moment that Tony Blair leaves office, so be prepared.

8) Know how long it has been since I’ve eaten a really good pizza? About 13 years. Seriously.

9) Am I the only white conservative who found the Autobiography of Malcolm X to be inspirational?

10) Why should Donald Rumsfeld spend his time doing a press conference for a bunch of liberal MSM jerks who are going to distort everything he has to say anyway and bury any good news, when he could make history by doing a press conference with a bunch of conservative bloggers?

11) Not only am I tired of ripping on Bush and the Republicans in Congress, I’m tired of reading other Republicans who’re ripping on Bush and the Republicans in Congress. Come on, you Republicans in Washington, how about giving us conservatives a little more good news to work with so we can write more nice things about you?

12) America’s best allies? Britain, Israel, and Australia.

13) I don’t consider Seymour Hersh to be any more of a credible source than the National Enquirer. I think it’s entirely possible that he makes things up out of whole cloth, Jayson Blair style.

14) Sexiest foreign accent for a woman? Irish.

15) The biggest mistake people make when it comes to economics issues? It’s looking at the “seen” short term effects and disregarding the “unseen” longer term effects (Example: Looking at the steel worker jobs saved by steel tariffs, but disregarding the jobs lost in other industries because they had to pay a higher price for steel.)

16) Want to know which way to turn just about anything? Then remember lefty loosey, righty tighty.

17) Even if you think global warming is real and mankind is causing it, there’s no point in worrying about it since no one has yet come up with a practical plan to deal with it.

18) If I were stuck on a desert island and could only have one video game, I’d want it to be Starcraft.

19) Know why a lot of bloggers who have great traffic make thousands of dollars less than they should each year? Because they think of blogging as a hobby, not a business. If you have decent traffic, you should treat the business side of blogging like a business, even if you do consider it to be a hobby. Why? Because it pays.

20) Would you rather live in the United States, at the income you’re currently making, or be a multi-millionaire who could never set foot in the US again? Personally, I’d rather live in the US.

21) I’ve never seen a woman with a tattoo who wouldn’t have looked better without it.

22) “It’s likely that whatever challenges you have faced in your life currently could have been avoided but some better decisions upstream.” — Anonymous

Love that quote.

23) A lot of people seem to think the voters are in an anti-Republican mood. But actually, they’re in an anti-incumbent mood. That still works against Republicans, since they control the House and the Senate, but it’s better to have the voters wanting to, “throw all the bums out,” than just the Republicans.

24) Ginger or Mary Ann? Definitely Mary Ann.

25) It is a violation of Godwin’s law to say that Iran is the greatest threat to Jews since the Nazis? Whether it is or not, it’s still true.

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