Daily News For April 26, 2006


Bush, Senators Agree On Alien Citizenship, Shut Out Critics (We’ve Got To Fight This Amnesty Bill)

Oil, Gas Prices Drop on Bush Supply Move (Good Move)

Bush Threatens To Veto Bloated War-Funds Bill (He Should Make Good On His Threat)

Confirmed: Tony Snow New Bush Press Secretary. Fox News Commentator To Take Over For Scott McClellan

Bush, Congress Report Progress On Immigration Reform Bill

Hamid Hayat, The 23-Year-Old Lodi Man On Trial For Terrorist-Related Activities In Sacramento Federal Court, Was Found Guilty Tuesday

North Pole Unnerved by Alleged Plot to Kill Students

More Aides Subpoenaed In McKinney Case


‘Pregnant’ Suicide Bomber Takes Sri Lanka To The Brink Of Civil War

Russia Launches Israeli Spy Satellite Intended To Watch Iran

Arab League Vows To Give Hamas Funds

Rumsfeld Makes Surprise Visit To Baghdad


Mac Johnson: The O’Reilly Fiction

Cathy Seipp: Battling Cancer And Blue Cross (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Armstrong Williams: Random Thoughts On Immigration

Craig Smith: McCain-Kennedy: American ‘Coyotes’

David Frum: Juan Cole’s Stock In Trade Is Error Verging On Libel, Tinged With Obsessive Delusions About, Ahem, “Neocons.”

John Stossel: Greed–Not Kindness–Gets Things Done

Dennis Prager: Why Jews Tend To Be Liberal


Magician David Copperfield Robbed After Show At Kravis Center

Flag-Saving Moment Still Winning Salutes

Costner Named As ‘Sex Act’ Celebrity

Girl, 12, Charged In Triple Murder

Video: Don’t Go On To The Web Today

Website Of The Day: Pro-Life Blogs

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