35 Yr-Old Woman Fakes Cancer & Cons Hometown, Mother & Husband Out of $20,000 of Donations

35 Yr-Old Woman Fakes Cancer & Cons Hometown, Mother & Husband Out of $20,000 of Donations

An Ohio wife and mother is facing felony theft charges after duping her entire town into believing she had terminal intestinal cancer.

Mindy Taylor duped town

Police say Mindy Taylor, 35, of Chillicothe, managed to bilk friends, family, neighbors and old college chums out of over $20,000 while even her husband was convinced his wife was fighting for her life.

And she managed to milk it further by putting on a brave face. Not only did she play the part of the dying mother, but she had everyone in awe of her strength of will throughout what they believed to be an horrific ordeal.
She claimed to suffer from heart disease, strokes and lupus from a young age. Specialists across the country were unable to figure out just how and why she suffered so many health problems. When things seemed to become even worse sometime in late 2013 or early 2014, her friends, family and neighbors rallied around her.

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She had intestinal cancer, she said, and was fearing for the worst. But Taylor put on a brave face and became an admired figure in her central Ohio town. She began to post her day to day struggles to a fundraising blog as donations began to pour in from people who called themselves Mindy’s Army. Friends even organized a charity run and purchased t-shirts to support her and her family.

‘#mindysarmy isn’t just about me,’ she wrote in a seemingly humble February 16 post. ‘It’s about anyone that is fighting with an illness or cancer or a hard time, so try to remember that as you look down and see your wrist. Stay positive and always try to do the next right thing!’

Everyone she knew thought she was going to die, including her husband and her mother, who raised $7,000 for her treatment a state away in her Pennsylvania town. Well, almost everyone. Someone who saw Mindy on the newspaper cover had doubts, and voiced them in a call to the police.

‘It’s a lie,’ said the tipster. ‘You should check it out.’

And when police did just that, they discovered it really was a lie. Taylor had raised at least $20,000 from towns in two different states while keeping everyone except her 7-year-old little girl in a state of fear she could die anytime. Taylor was arrested and charged with felony theft.

Scammers are what make it harder for people to open their hearts for real charitable causes. This lady is an embarrassment but at least she will be paying the rest of her life because no one will trust her again.

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