77% of Americans want the individual mandate repealed or delayed-New Obamacare Poll

obamacare1Congress better pay attention to the mega-boil in the hearts of the American people who don’t want ObamaCare.This is a warning that applies to both political parties because in the words of Tip O’Neal, “All politics is local.”

A healthcare media company sponsored a scientific poll of more than 2,000 registered voters, and found a stunning 77 per cent want to see Obamacare’s individual health insurance mandate delayed or scrapped entirely. That includes 49 per cent who want the mandate killed reports The Daily Mail.

Just 11 per cent agreed with the Obama administration’s contention that fully implementing the president’s signature health care law will lower their ‘ total health care costs, such as appointment co-payments, monthly premiums, deductibles and drug co-payments.’

The Morning Consult commissioned the online poll from Survey Sampling International, Inc. Its margin of error is 2 percentage points.

The shocking level of public discontent comes along with news that members of Congress and their staffs have struck a deal with the White House to subsidize their enrollment in health care exchanges with taxpayer dollars.

And the House of Representatives passed a bill Friday that would deny the IRS any funding to operate or enforce the health care law.

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