Obama losing Shutdown battle because he refuses to negotiate with fellow Americans

Obama losing Shutdown battle because he refuses to negotiate with fellow Americans

Americans have seen these kinds shutdown battle in other forms, namely workers strikes.: : 


They’ve seen teachers go on strike, bus drivers, or even professional athletes such as the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association.Whenever these events occur it’s a shock to the system at first.But, relatively quickly, unless one is personally affected, the public moves onto to other things because life goes regardless if the classroom is closed or the tipoff is canceled.: : : : : : : 

The end of these work stoppages are all the same.Both sides have to TALK to each other and come to an agreement.This is why President Obama and the Democrats are on very thin ice.

1.: : : : :  Republicans are waiting at the negotiating table and the Democrats refuse to show up.

2.: : : : :  Republicans are passing spending appropriations to funds parts of government like childhood cancer research.Harry Reid and the Democrats refuse to sign off on it.I guess they’re not as compassionate as they claim.

3.: : : : :  Republicans are the only half of the equations actively seeking to come to a compromise and Democrats don’t wanna compromise at all.

The longer President Obama and Democrats refuse to do anything, the more they’re seen as obstructionists.They don’t even wanna come to the table and just talk.

Obama’s approval rating before the shutdown was 44%.In 5 days it’s now down to 41%.He’s the president!It’s his job to be the leader of the country.But, a president who refuses take a leadership role and is satisfied to be one of the bystanders is gonna pay a heavy price.

Originally published at The Last Tradition

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