Ted Cruz-Vindicated

For all the yellow belMichelle Bachmann, Tea Party Leaders Hold News Conference On IRS Scandally Republicans, especially my fellow New Yorker, the loathsome Peter King, are now silent in realizing Ted Cruz had it right all along.

As millions of Americans are now suffering having trusted the word of President Obama, who willfully and intentionally lied to them about keeping the insurance they liked, Cruz was the guy who tried to stop the calamity before it started.

Now the floodgates of ObamaCare are fully open and the misery will continue.ObamaCare represents how Liberalism doesn’t work.It doesn’t work in Europe and it’s only now Europeans are turning their backs on a failed ideology.: : 

Cruz sounded the alarm and his fellow establishment GOPers called him a fraud for it.Well, who are the frauds now?

Originally posted at The Last Tradition

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