8th Grade Middle School Students Required To Tell Class Publicly How Far They Were Prepared To Go Sexually

School may be out for summer but some of the lessons children learned will last a lifetime. A Middle School in Southern California has found a way to humiliate and confuse kids publicly by making them declare their sexual prowess in front of their peers.


Via Daily Caller:

At least one pair of parents is fuming after their eighth-grade daughter came home from school saying that every student in her class had to indicate — publicly — how far they are prepared to go sexually. The incident happened this week at Woodland Park Middle School in the San Diego, Calif. suburb of San Marcos, reports local ABC affiliate KGTV.

The parents, who don’t want to be named, say their 14-year-old daughter was embarrassed because the teacher in her family life and health class instructed her and all of her classmates to stand under one of several signs. Each sign was labeled with a different phrase. Some of the labeled signs were innocuous, according to KGTV. These included “smiled at,” “hugged” and “kissed.”

Other signs, such as “above the waist,” “below the waist” and “all the way,” were to varying degrees considerably less innocuous.

“To put them up in front of their friends to be humiliated or to be asked questions that I believe are personal, it’s really none of the school’s business,” one of the peeved parents told the ABC station. The parent added that her daughter felt confused and peer-pressured afterward. Officials at the taxpayer-funded school defended the exercise, calling it a dating lesson.

A “dating lesson” is what is replacing our kid’s standard math and arithmetic. It’s sad that teachers think they have the leeway to teach this garbage when less than half of the kids who enter Middle School in the US will ever graduate High School in the nation where more money is spent per student than anywhere in the world. More embarrassing is that the United States rank twenty-fourth out of sixty-five educational systems ranked in literacy among 15-year olds… Our kids can’t read, won’t graduate and are now more confused by Public Schools sex teachings than ever.

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