8th Graders Given HOLOCAUST DENIAL ASSIGNMENT In Attempt to ‘Meet Common Core Standards’

8th Graders Given HOLOCAUST DENIAL ASSIGNMENT In Attempt to ‘Meet Common Core Standards’

I am ALL for discourse being taught in schools, I wish they actually taught kids how to prepare a good argument not lie about the past. I disagree that heavily documented Historical events should be subjects of debate as they are not arguing ideas, rather they are trying to change the facts of history. The FACT that Hitler killed millions of Jews is wrongly up for debate in the 8th grade in California Public Schools.

Common Core holocaust didn't happen

The Rialto school district in California is under fire over a stunning eighth-grade assignment that asked students to write an argumentative essay about the Holocaust and “whether or not you believe this was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.”
The thoroughly debunked idea that the Holocaust was nothing more than a “hoax” created by the Jews has long been alleged by anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. The San Bernardino Sun first reported on the 18-page assignment that gives students three sources to use to write their essays. One of the sources reportedly alleges the gassings in concentration camps were a “hoax” and there is no evidence Jews actually died in gas chambers.

The source, traced to a webpage on biblebelievers.org.au, states: “With all this money at stake for Israel, it is easy to comprehend why this Holocaust hoax is so secretly guarded. In whatever way you can, please help shatter this profitable myth. It is time we stop sacrificing America’s welfare for the sake of Israel and spend our hard-earned dollars on Americans.”

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The other two sources were from About.com and History.com, KTLA-TV reports. In a statement issued Monday, the school district said Interim Superintendent Mohammad Z. Islam would meet with administrators to make sure references to the Holocaust “not occurring” are taken out of current assignments and not included in future assignments. The Los Angeles-area chapter of the Anti-Defamation League sent an email to the school district blasting the assignment.

“It is ADL’s general position that an exercise asking students to question whether the Holocaust happened has no academic value; it only gives legitimacy to the hateful and anti-Semitic promoters of Holocaust Denial,” the email reportedly states. In a separate blog post, the ADL said there’s no evidence that the assignment was given as part of a “larger, insidious, agenda.” However, the post continued, “the district seems to have given the assignment with an intent, although misguided, to meet Common Core standards relating to critical learning skills.”

“The Common Core state standards, which have been adopted by most states and the District of Columbia, emphasize critical thinking in students, which is what the assignment is intended to teach, according to school board member Joe Martinez,” The San Bernardino Sun adds.

I found this line on a pro Common Core website: “The Common Core presents a great opportunity to inspire teachers to teach history as an investigative process instead of something to memorize”. The problem with treating History and Math facts as theories is you can replace universal hard truths with squishy opinions. That will destroy the foundation of education and learning to the point that everything you read on the internet could be considered correct depending on the most persuasive person presenting the argument– that’s the road we’re already headed down, right?

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