9/11 Toys For Your Tots?

What sort of sickos would design a toy like this?

“…Until Thursday afternoon, the little toys were on sale to kids around Central Florida — two towers with a jetliner in between that appears to be crashing into one of the buildings. They come in packages along with candy.

…there is no mistake what the toy represents, especially when you look at the product number on every single toy: 9011.

…A company called Lisy Corporation distributes the candy bags. They said they are also offended by the toy and have pulled 17,000 of the toys.

Lisy says they bought the toys, sight unseen, from L and M Import/Export of Miami. We talked to L and M and they say they have no problem at all with the toy and don’t consider it offensive at all.

We even pointed out to the import company that every single toy has a stock number on the front that reads “9011.” L and M Imports didn’t find it all coincidental and said it’s just a toy. Asked if they’d talk on camera, they said there is nothing to talk about.”

Just what sort of twisted excuse for a human being would even come up with something like this? I mean who sits around going,

“You know what would be a great event to recreate with a children’s toy? That’s right, 9/11! We’ll have a plane flying into a building, slap 9011 on it, and then sell it. It’ll be cutting edge man! Just imagine how many of toy things we’ll sell in France & the Palestinian territories alone!”

Sometimes, you just have to wonder how the sort of people who came up with and sold this toy can look at themselves in the mirror every day…

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