9/11: Two Years Later

On 9/11, 2001 America was attacked, and not for the first time by an implacable and radical enemy bent on our destruction. There is no negotiating with the likes of Al-Qaeda, there can only be a global knife fight that will end with either Western civilization or the terrorists & their allies face down, breathing no more. We didn’t ask for or want this fight, just as the American public had no desire to get involved in WW2. But Pearl Harbor, like 9/11, demanded a searing response. As Winston Churchill said,

“What kind of a people do they (Japan) think we are? Is it possible they do not realise that we shall never cease to persevere against them until they have been taught a lesson which they and the world will never forget?”

Then it was Japan and the rest of the Axis, today it’s the terrorists and the rogue states who back them. (Cont)

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