Never forget.

That was all I was going to say and then, I read about how people actively want to forget. It is childish to pretend that terrorists didn’t execute a plot to kill as many Americans as possible on that day. It is childish to imagine that they’ve stopped trying.

Some don’t want to remember.

Keith Olbermann says that Republicans have “hijacked” 9/11. Really? I think it’s just that Democrats and Leftists don’t want to talk about it. It’s a reminder of why Americans still fight to make those who did this pay and to prevent it happening again. And another attack has been prevented. And we still are at war.

More here. There were heroes who deserve to be remembered. (Via Tigerhawk)

Remember, too, how Barack Obama feels about jihadists. And guys like Olbermann feels Republicans “hijacked” 9/11? Democrats don’t want it.

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