Britain’s Wacky Jurisprudence

Britain appears to have instituted a new principle of justice: that which raises revenues for the State is just. The streets of London may have devolved into anarchy, but at least this jurisprudence keeps garbage collection and parking thoroughly regulated.

Following proper trash disposal protocol is critical in avoiding the costly wrath of the Nanny State:

A single mother has been landed with a court bill for over :£700 — because she put her rubbish out too early. Victoria Clarke, 21, left bin bags outside her gate so her four-year-old daughter had more room to play in the family back garden. But litter patrols spotted the rubbish on the pavement and hauled Victoria into court for an offence of ‘the advancement of waste’. She was later fined :£350 with :£350.12 costs and ordered to pay a :£15 victim surcharge under the terms of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

She can count herself lucky. The top fine is :£1,000.

Even parking on their own driveways can get Britons into expensive trouble:

It’s a street where villagers have parked in their driveways without a problem for more than half a century. But then someone from the local council discovered the kerbs did not comply with the small print of the 1980 Highways Act. So the residents were sent a letter ordering them to stop using their drives — or face a fine of up to :£1,000.

Before parking on their property again they would have to apply in writing to the council for permission to rebuild the kerb and then pay an approved contractor around :£1,200 for the work. To comply with regulations, kerbs must be lowered to street level at the point where cars access properties. And until the work is done, the driveways are strictly out of bounds. Fearful of being hit with fines, homeowners in Pinfold Street, Eastrington, East Yorkshire, are being forced to park on the street, causing traffic congestion as a result.

On the other hand, running over old ladies isn’t such a big deal:

Jamie Wood, 21, hit 61-year-old grandmother Lesley Lomax as she crossed the road. He told police he saw her too late to avoid a collision and was charged with driving without due care and attention. He was fined :£50.

Normally the State would have been a little greedier. Maybe they were grateful for all the money Wood saved the government by getting rid of Mrs. Lomax before she could overburden the socialized healthcare system. The short-sighted Wood is still out there driving, although he did get four points on his license.

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