A Bush 2004 Campaign Commerical — Taxes & The Economy

Now without question, John Kerry has a number of weaknesses that can be exploited with negative advertising. He’s a Massachusetts liberal who votes to the left of Ted Kennedy, he has a terrible voting record on defense, he often flip-flops on the issues, and his behavior after Vietnam was disgraceful.

However, Bush is going to win a 2nd term in November primarily by talking about the issues the American people care about. In my opinion, Bush should use the war on terrorism and taxes/economy as a 1-2 punch to win the election (although gay marriage and a few other issues will come into play as well). Here’s an example of the type of radio commercial I think could be a big winner for Bush, especially since I expect the economy to stay strong throughout 2004…

Title: When the going gets tough…

The day George Bush took office, there was a recession in progress and the accounting scandals that would later decimate the stock market had already begun. On top of that, 9/11 was a terrible blow not only to all the families that lost their loved ones, but to our economy as well.

But when the going got tough, George Bush got going and fought tooth and nail to give tax relief to American families. He worked hard to end the marriage penalty, increased the size of the child tax credit, gave Americans their hard earned tax dollars back in the form of rebates, and saw to it that 92 million Americans got to keep an average of $1,083 more of their own money.

Most importantly, by taking the government’s hand out of the American’s people’s pockets, George. W. Bush gave the American economy the stimulus it needed to grow and create jobs again. Since the 3rd quarter of 2003 when the effect of the Bush tax cuts fully kicked in, the economy has grown at an average of X% and Y million jobs have been created (X & Y will be filled in at the time the commercial runs).

But John Kerry wants to put our economic recovery at risk by raising taxes on the American people and spending the money. Haven’t the Democrats learned yet that their liberal tax and spend policies just don’t work?

Vote George Bush in 2004. He’ll fight to create more jobs, keep the economy strong, and keep the government out of your pocket!

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