Bush’s AWOL Vs. Kerry’s Adultery By John Cole

Looks like John F. Kerry is emulating his idol, Kennedy, and his predecessor, Clinton, becuase he appears to now have his own bimbo eruptions.

Based on the evidentiary standards created by the Democrats over the Bush military records story, I hereby proclaim that Kerry is an adulterer.

In order for Kerry to prove his innocence, he must, release records showing where he was, every minute of every day for the past ten years. This shouldn’t be too hard – they expect Bush to be able to do this for a period thirty years ago.

Second, everyone on the planet must agree that he is innocent- otherwise the charge still stands, and since it is such a serious charge, we simply can not let it go. Yesterday a reporter asked the Bush/Cheney PR guy: ” Does it bother you that these questions have been raised about your candidate?” That really is all that matters- that a question has been ‘raised.’

Kerry must also provide several witnesses- people who will attest that the only person he has ever slept with since marrying Heiress #2 was in fact the Heiress. Then he has to take a lie detector test. Then maybe I will believe him slightly- but then I can start a meme that his statements were lies, the lie detector test was doctored, etc.

The Democrats want to play these games. Fine. I have put up with this faux outrage from the Dems for three years, and I have tried to be reasonable. The last two months let me realize what kind of people we are dealing with. Bring it on.

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