Some People Would Have You Believe…

Some people would have you believe that Bush lied about Iraq’s WMDs. I believe that they’re the ones attempting to mislead the American people about how our intelligence agencies work. Unanimity among all members of every intelligence agency on anything is the exception, not the rule. So today, to try to go back and cherry pick dissenting voices about particular issues after the fact and claim that they prove the President lied is willfully deceptive. There’s no other conclusion you can come to given the legion of people, Democrat and Republican, foreign and domestic, who agreed before the war that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Bush’s position on the extistence of Iraq’s WMDs was not substantially different from the positon held by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry, George Tenet, David Kay, Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac, on, and on, and on. To claim that all those people lied about WMD in Iraq, which is in essence what the people who claim Bush lied are doing, is simply ridiculous. (Cont)

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