A Conservative Celebration in the Capitol

The city of Washington, D.C. is filled with much more Scrooges than those who are spiritual, and vague references to a “winter holiday” is the best that many can muster during the Christmas season. For those who are annoyed with the politically correct and meaningless philosophy of “Happy Holidays,” there is a new place to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas that does not shy away from putting Christ at the center.

The Gaylord National Resort, in the two-year old town of National Harbor, Maryland, is only a brief drive from downtown D.C. Their fifty day celebration of “Christmas on the Potomac” is a welcome reprieve from the cynicism and overt rationalism, at the expense of spiritualism, of our nation’s Capitol.

I had the pleasure of experiencing Gaylord’s Christmas on the Potomac while a guest there for several days last week. This celebration is still occurring through January 9, 2011, and all who celebrate Christmas, who are traditional and patriotic, will find themselves among friends still happily wishing them a “Merry Christmas” in an effort to keep the spirit of Christmas with us throughout the year.

It was both surprising and heartwarming to hear the original lyrics of “If the Lord allows” during the singing of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” at the dinner show. Pictures of soldiers overseas was part of a tribute to our military during the song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” which included an acknowledgement of all that our armed forces do to keep us safe and free.

The introduction to the finale part of the program included stating that Christmas is “The night when God became one of us.” The words of this final song spoke of Christ bringing light to the darkness, and God using this brightness to touch our lives. Singing in candlelight, the singers ended their performance with a final verse stating “Jesus is the light of the world,” and “Worship him.”

For those seeking a liberal-free environment in the D.C. area, the many references to not just Christmas but Christ is surely enough to keep the far-left away from the Gaylord Resort. For decades the secularists have increased their influence during the Christmas season, turning everything toward a neutral “holiday” season where even the mention of “Christmas” offends them.

The reason the secularists hate Christmas is they resent any joy being generated in something higher than themselves. They worship the worst forms of humanism in elevating men to gods, and they balk at any joy coming from God rather than man.

The heart of extreme liberal resentment of Christmas is their attempt to remove Christ from any form of human organization. The very nature of Christmas is it being the day that organizes time. We have divided time into A.D., Anno Domini, translated from Latin to “year of our Lord,” to signify time after the birth of Jesus. The period before that became known as B.C., before the birth of Christ. The far left resents that something from heaven should determine how we organize ourselves. Thus their gradual attempts to decrease the influence of Christ in our world by using B.C.E., “Before the Common Era,” and A.C.E., “After the Common Era.”

Liberals want control. They resist anything that organizes human behavior outside of their domination. They dismiss any organization of ideas, philosophy, or standards that does not put liberalism at the center as they worship the creation rather than a Creator.

The atheist billboard advertisement of “Tis the season to celebrate reason” contradicts the very nature they are upholding. Their denial of a Great Creator, amidst the wonder of all creation in its harmony within each other, is itself a denial of the rationality that is God and the reason Christmas should organize time.

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